Our step-by-step approach to understanding our clients’ requirements.


    Step 1


    Each potential client would fill out our intake form. Our worksheet allows us to clearly understand your project requirements and also allows you to think of requirements that you might not have thought about. NOTE: If you agree to move forward with the project, we will use the information noted on the worksheet as a checklist and as part of our onboarding process.


    Step 2


    Let’s chat. Upon submission of your client intake form, you will be prompted to schedule a 30-minute consultation to review your form. We will go over every detail and plan out your project. We will discuss your brand colors and your brand style, just to name a few topics. You are getting a customized website or logo design so those elements are very important.


    Step 3


    Now that we have discussed all of your project requirements during our consultation, we can provide you with an official proposal. The proposal will provide an outline of the functional requirements and a price quote.



    Step 4


    Once we have received contract approval, we will move forward with sending you all of the client documentation via email. This documentation includes contract and invoice. All of our documentation can be signed electronically so just keep an eye out for our email.



    Step 5


    This is the EXCITING part for us! We will take your project requirements and begin working on your customized website and/or logo. You will be provided updates throughout the entire project so we are always on the same page.


    Step 6


    Once we have established a preliminary design, we will review it with you. We will gather your feedback and make any necessary revisions. Our mission is to produce a web solution that is creative, fully customized for your particular business and satisfies your business needs.


    Step 7


    At this point, you are satisfied with your results and we have final approval to get prepared for project launch.


    Step 8


    Your site is LIVE!!! We will send you all graphics and files related to your project. We will schedule a training for us to train you on the upkeep of your website. After training, if you do not wish to maintain your website, we can do so as a new service.